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A Dose of Reality

November 8th, 2022

I remember back in the States I would arrive at the bus stop,Guest Posting check the bus schedule that was posted there and sit down patiently for my bus to arrive. The schedule said that my bus was going to arrive at 9:17 am and sure enough, at 9:16 am, I see it approaching from a block away. I hear that familiar hissing of the breaks as it calmly comes to a stop in front of me and lets me on board. Pulling out once again into traffic, it takes me to where I need to go safely and without hitches. A calm, reliable way to get to work when one doesn’t have a car. I remember those days………… barely.

When I told my girlfriend, (who is Oaxacan of course), that I wanted to write an article about the Oaxacan public transportation system she grabbed my shoulders and said, “No, please don’t!” So I would like to publicly offer an apology to her because I’m going to do it anyway. So please accompany me, my friends, on my daily bus trip from my house into Oaxaca city.

Arriving at an unmarked bus stop a block away from my house, I pull out my 4 pesos and 50 cents that it costs to get on the bus. I always try to have change because the bus drivers almost never do. As I wait, I see the usual people arriving. The woman with the dark blue bank uniform, the crazed mother with the 2 children on their way to school that always seems to be late and, of course, the sexy young woman in tight jeans with a mirror in front of her face curling her eyelashes with a spoon.

Top Rated Hotels in Omaha, Nebraska

March 30th, 2022

Omaha, Nebraska is a highly recommended tourist destination. It is has many museums that tell of the rich history of the city, many natural attractions to see and a number of other man-made attractions like amusement parks. Looking for good accommodation in Omaha is not difficult. One of the coolest places to stay in Omaha is the Omaha Magnolia Hotel. This is a well known hotel located at the heart of Nebraska and is surrounded by many of its magnificent and eye-catching Italian legacy.

The Omaha Magnolia Hotel was built in elegant and original Italian style. There is a touch of Roman architecture also that makes it more astonishing upon entering the lobby reflecting the old and modern layout. You will lavish walking in marble floors, delight to see the Roman columns, travertine walls, vaulted ceiling where and beautiful chandeliers.

The Omaha Magnolia Hotel was bounded by some of its prehistoric buildings and popular entertainment and performing establishments like the Omaha Convention Center, the Opheum Theatre, the Qwest Center Omaha, and the Holland Center for Performing Arts, business entities like the Union Pacific, Con Agra, First National Bank and the Gallup Bank. Also, insight is the district’s old market where live entertainment bands, nightclubs, elegant restaurants and bars lies up ahead.

The Omaha Magnolia Hotel room and suites are made by its own unique and glamorous décors accentuated with large and modern furniture, one king size bed, double queen size bed with high count threading mattresses, pillow and pillow tops, down comforter, sofa bed, sleepers, in-room safes, executive working desk and chair, in-room Starbucks coffee, and coffee makers.

There is also an iron and ironing board, bathroom with hot tub, comfy bathrobes, complete set of branded toiletries, vanity mirror and hairdryer. All rooms and suites are complimented with high speed, uninterrupted internet connection, dual telephone lines and ready data ports.

The Omaha Magnolia Hotel amenities are fully loaded providing guest with all their needs and comfort. They also have the indoor club house that offers a wide array of entertainment and relaxing moment while having their meals. Live jazz band and other performing artist are there to give warmth and joy to the hotels clientele and business acquaintances.

Other hotel amenities include complimentary buffet breakfast, wine and other beverages at the reception area. Shuttle bus ride from the airport and exploring downtown is also compliments of the hotel. There is also an ATM machine on site, and 24 hours valet and parking services.

Omaha Marriott Hotel

Another top and most visited hotel in Nebraska is the Omaha Marriott Hotel with 300 guestrooms and suites. This hotel is located at the center of a busy and grandest area of Nebraska where huge and prominent establishment and entities abound like the Omaha group of corporations, the Qwest Center, the Old Market, the Rosenblatt Stadium and the famous Henry Doorly Zoo.

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